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KofC #9206 Fantasy Golf Charity Home and Instruction Page
Welcome and thank you for participating in this charity event

The Knights of Columbus #9206 Fantasy Golf Charity mission is to raise money to assist those in need of help through charity organizations. Our primary charity this year is Catholic Charities East Bay.

Hopefully while helping others, you'll have fun competing with others by creating a team of 6 Pro-Golfers from the upcoming Masters Tournament (Nov. 12-15) to see how your team finishes for the chance of winning a great prize!! Click on the KofC Charity Rules and Prizes button on the left for details on scoring and prizes. REGISTER YOUR TEAMS BY NOV. 11th. The Masters Tournament is be played between Nov. 12-15th. Our Fantasy Golf Winners will be announce during the week of the 16th.

First, let's familiarize you with how to use this site. The key is using the buttons on the left to get to what you want to do.
  • Fantasy Golf Home and Instruction Page: Gets you back to this page
  • Fantasy Golf Registration: START HERE: Click on this button to register. There will be a few screens to go through that include creating a user and team name, the selection of your team, and then a payment page for Paypal or Credit Card. For those who want to take advantage of the 3 team play for $60, please read the instructions on how to do it on the payment page. You'll have to go back and create the other two teams with unique usernames before paying the $60. If you have any questions, please send us an email through the "Email Us" button on the left.
  • Team Results and Masters LeaderBoard: This page will show teams created within this charity pool as well as the final scores of the teams and the winners at the end of the tournament. You can also the actual Masters Tournament leaderboard results each day here as well.
  • KofC Charity Rules and Prizes: Details on teams, scoring and prizes
  • Manage Teams: Page where you can enter your username and password to then make any changes to the Pro-golfers chosen for your team. After entering your username and password, to make a change to your team, click on the "Update Your Team Golfer Selection" to make changes to your golfer selection or "Change Owner Contact Information" to change the name of your team.
  • Payment Information: If you did not make a payment yet click on this button to get to the paypal and credit card payment screen
  • General Charity Donation: For those who do not want to play Fantasy Golf but want to donate to this cause, please click on the General Charity Donation button on the left.
  • Email Us: For any questions on navigating the site, etc. click on this button to send an email and we'll try to respond as quickly as possible. The email is if you have any problems.

Again, these buttons on the left will help you get to anywhere you want to go. Click on the Fantasy Golf Home and Instruction Page button to get back to this screen.

Thank you and good luck!
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