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Pool Rules for Knights Of Columbus 9206 Fantasy Golf

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Pool Rules for Knights Of Columbus 9206 Fantasy Golf

2020 Masters Tournament (Nov. 12-15) Fantasy Golf Charity Event

The Fantasy Golf event is being played to raise proceeds to charity with our primary charity this year is Catholic Charities East Bay

How to Play and Win!

  • Each player selects a team of 6 pro-golf players from the List of participating PGA 2020 Masters Tournament golfers
    • See below that shows the players divided into 4 Tiers by their rankings and the rest of the Field of players.
  • Choose 1 player from each of the first 4 tiers, and 2 players from the rest of the Field to make up your 6 Pro-Golfer Team
  • The cost to play is $25 per entry or $60 for three entries. Each entry gives you opportunity to form a team
  • The team with the most points (see point charts) including adding the players’ finishes and last round performance, will determine the winners.
Great Prizes!!
  • Winners, by finish order, will select from prize pool:
    • Apple iPad Pro ($1000 value)
    • NEW Apple Watch 6 ($500 value)
    • Foursome at Callippe Preserve Course ($250 value)
    • $250 Amazon Card
    • $100 Safeway Card
    • $100 Safeway Card
Also, the person who brings in the most teams will win a Foursome at Canyon Lakes Course ($200 value)

Highest Tournament Finish Scoring:

  • 1st Place 20 Points
  • 2nd Place 18 Points
  • 3rd Place 15 Points
  • 4th Place 10 Points
  • 5th Place 8 Points
  • 6th Place 6 Points
  • 7th Place 4 Points
  • 8th Place 3 Points
  • 9th Place 2 Points
  • 10-20th Place 1 Points

Points for each of the 6 golfers on your team will be added together to get to your final total team score. Highest team scores win!

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